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27th-May-2015 03:12 pm - Friends Only
hp; staring into space

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21st-Jan-2007 12:15 pm(no subject)
hp; staring into space


I don't even know half the people on my friends page right now, and that's pretty upsetting. I added back, to frankly put it, the people I wanted to add back. I'm SURE I probably missed some people, so i'm going to apologize now, but you probably have to let me know if I skipped you yourself. ;P

This isn't a random thing, i've been planning to do it for a while I just finally got my act together and did it!

If I added you, but you didn't want me to.. wow, well that's akward, but it's cool! Just tell me! :)

Also, i'm sorry about this- I know it's frustrating :/ Thank you guys for being made of awesome.
20th-Jan-2007 10:01 pm(no subject)
hp; staring into space
HEY. :)

I have alot of pictures and things to tell you all, but i'm rather exhausted from last night (districts for swimming! Girls won again! Ahhh it was an amazing meet, i'll update later with details.) and shopping today with Ann!

Of course we had a little Shauna/Ann photoshoot as we always do. I'm only showing you like 15% of all the pictures, haha.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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The mall was pretty dull today. I got 9 shirts and a pair of pants. I blame it on boobs (sorry guys on my flist) they just keep getting bigger forcing me to get new clothes *ahem*. ;) or at least that's my excuse. It bugs me so much when there are little 9 year olds buying like $300 worth of clothes standing in line with their little Coach purses. Dude when I was 9 I just wore whatever was in the closet. And I played dress up with my moms old purses! HAH.

For those of you that haven't heard the new Snow Patrol CD.. wow, you really need to hop on that because it's AMAZING. Honestly, every song is brilliant. "Make This Go On Forever" uhh VERY heart-meltable song! :) Just thought I'd add that in!

For those of you that requested an icon, there over here!

Later guys.
21st-Nov-2006 11:13 pm(no subject)
hp; staring into space

Holy buckets. That just made my life for a few weeks.
10th-Aug-2006 12:57 pm - information
hp; staring into space
I realized, when I look in my info and see all my friends, I only know MAYBE a little over half your names. Granted, i've just met some of you, but still -- I hate that feeling. Here is my email/aim screename/msn-- the works. I have this issue where I'm scared to message you guys, because I don't want you to think i'm crazy or clingy or whatnot, but just know I really do love to talk and listen :)

email (& MSN):color-drop@hotmail.com
AIM S/N: shaunaa says

I would love for you all to add me, and get to talking to you guys moreee. ^^
10th-Jul-2006 06:01 pm - ITALY WON! !
hp; staring into space
World Cup.

Absolutely MIND-BLOWING. Head butt much?
30th-Jun-2006 09:15 pm(no subject)
hp; staring into space
Hello :)
I've just always noticed, that a simple hello can always brighten someones day.
30th-Jun-2006 05:42 pm - Icons, Headers/Banners, Wallpaper
hp; staring into space

-2 headers ; 1 H/Hr, 1 R/Hr (Four versions lol.)
-1 H/Hr wallpaper with some pretty... let's just say 'rough' matching icons. (18 icons total)

*comment, credit, nominate........whatever :)

Teasers: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Small clip of R/Hr header: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The icons.. well, I was expirimenting on a large portion of them and URM.. I don't really like how they came out.. but then again someone else might like how they turned out! :) Whatever floats your boat I guess.

Yeah, so my H/Hr-ness has taken over again, but I had to add some R/Hr-ness in there too. :D


So, I'm thinking about starting an icon journal with another person or two or something. I haven't really decided yet. ;) Just putting the thought out there.

I think I'll make some Alias or Lost icons next. And of course some HP in there. XD

ENJOY! And feel free to friend meeee for graphics updates.

elli, blimey_icons,
perforada, inxsomniax, dj_capslock
28th-Jun-2006 10:52 pm(no subject)
hp; staring into space
check it out. :)
26th-Jun-2006 04:51 pm - 25 Alias Icons
hp; staring into space
25 Alias Icons
with variations. :)

-comment.. credit... whatever
- feel free to FRIEND this journal for graphic updates.

teasers: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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